“With copper, we discover the nature“ –  that is our central theme.

HomeKupferAnton_englisch_tvHobby gardeners, gardeners, farmers, tree nurseries or organic farmers – everybody working in agriculture is currently concerned by the effects of the overfertilisation and the use of pesticides. Therefore, they want to dissolve the pollution in water, food and seed bed as quick as possible and to cultivate again the soil in harmony with nature – with healthy plants and heavy crops.

The reintroduction of copper in the biosphere offers us „living water & living food“ in a simple way.

This is the reason why copper and copper tools are used more frequently as effective tools in an organic agriculture – even in the garden, in the household, in the pond and as copper pots and tools in the citchen.

Viktor Schauberger (1885 – 1958) and many other natural scientists have found out that copper can be used in manifold ways; it improves the soil quality, promotes growth and taste as well as the health of the plants.

On our information website you will find background reports and a lot of practical tips for farming, garden, pond, household and citchen. If you are highly interested in this subject it would be possible for you to become partner for copper and copper tools in your country. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

Accompany us on our voyage of discovery for nature!


Anton Willi GehlenMr Gehlen, in the year 2002, you founded the company “Kupfer Anton“.
On what kind of motivation does this step base?

More and more gardeners and farmers want to work their soils in harmony with nature, naturally by securing high crops and healthy plants. Copper tools offer these people a simple and effective tool.

It is very important for me to show to a broader public in a simple and understandable way the advantages and ways these tools work.

Additionally, copper hand tools have only been available for the hobby gardener so far. Our team has developed and produced copper ploughs and shares for the agriculture and tested them in field tests. By this, we offer to the organic farmer the possibility of improving the quality and fertility of his soils in a very simple but permanent way.


How did you personally come across Viktor Schauberger and copper tools?

From my early age, I experienced myself how close man is connected to the nature and animals via food.

It is no coincidence that I chose my profession in this sector. I am an agricultural machines mechanic and founded already in the 1960s two companies for the sale and repair of horticultural, agricultural and forestry tools. I had managed these companies successfully for almost four decades.

Seven years ago, I met on a vacation trip to Salzburg an organic farmer who experimented with copper tools. I was directly interested in this matter. Thus I began to work with these tools in my organic garden of approx. 3,000 squaremetres and to exchange my experiences with other users. Our enthusiasm grew from year to year.

In 2002 at the age of 65, I handed the management of my companies to younger hands. Finally, I had the time and leisure to devote myself exclusively to the newly reached convictions. Consequently, I founded the company “Kupfer Anton”.


Who or what stands for the name “Kupfer Anton”?

Anton is my friend of many years and a faithful companion. We both go out for discovery trips and he answers all my questions. Together, we “discover the nature”.

It was also him who made me interested in the ideas of Viktor Schauberger. Step by step I could better understand with his help the theses of Schauberger.

And by the way not only about Viktor Schauberger, but also about relations on the Earth. My friend Anton thinks so to speak globally linked.

For a while, I talk a lot with my friend Anton and we spend a lot of time with each other. In doing so, I understand more and more his characteristics. He gives advice to my questions and he explains the connections to me. He also makes me aware of wrong courses and dead ends. He is very friendly and patiently, faithfully. Not insistently or dogmatic. Most times, he is humorous. But he can also be serious. Although until now I did not experienced that he criticised me or that he was in a bad mood. Though he is sad when I try to enter from time to time the old fields of dogmatism and fighting.

In a dialogue about the subject copper, we both agreed that I may call my friend Anton now Kupfer Anton because our main subject is copper and its wonderful ways of working. And that is the reason why Kupfer Anton became a much better friend, adviser and assistant in my life.

Therefore I gave with pleasure his name to the company.


Viktor SchaubergerViktor Schauberger
(1885 – 1958)

“People may say I am crazy. Perhaps they are right. In this case, it is not so much important if there is one fool more or less in the world.

But in case that I am right and science is wrong, Lord, have mercy on mankind.”

The Austrian Viktor Schauberger was a natural scientist and developer. The forester had observed for decades the nature in order to find out how growth, life and movement arises.

He took the occuring processes in the nature as examples for modern technical applications. “To understand and to copy nature” is one sentence, which has not been marked by anybody else than Viktor Schauberger. Water was his central element on which he meditated a lot. He did not only regard it as the carrier of all life, but also of the whole consciousness of the world.

Academically and technically educated contemporaries of Schauberger criticised his unscientific behaviour.

Unperturbed by this, he warned already at the beginning of the 20th century about the consequences of an intensive water management, forestry and agriculture, about atomic energy, deforestation and river channelization. Convinced of the correctness of his understandings, he worked out remarkable alternatives to this.

For a short time, Schauberger enjoyed a good reputation in important government circles because of the complete success of the realised projects.

In the 1950s however people had been more enthusiastic for chemical fertilizers and plant sprays. By this means, farmers increased crops within a very short period of time. But they were blind to see that they needed more chemistry every year in order to keep up the increase.

Today, the negative results on man and nature of such highly praised innovations are to be seen everywhere.

The progressive thinker Viktor Schauberger warned already at the beginning of the 20th century about these devastating consequences and he is therefore more actual than ever. His meditative and lateral way of thinking fills always more people with enthusiasm. They spread the philosophy and the inventions of Viktor Schauberger worldwide.

The main emphasis of the entrepreneurial activity of Kupfer-Anton lies on gardening and agricultural tools made of copper. We want to develop these tools further and to win interested nature lovers with information and experience reports.

Anybody who is in addition to that interested in the life work of Viktor Schauberger, please contact us for further information.


Beautiful hand-crofted Copper Tools & Copper Gardening Tools

The original PKS copper gardening tools are hand made by an Austrian coppersmith. He uses a copper-tin-alloy for the tools with a copper content of about 92%. This alloy is cold hardened in order to give the material the necessary degree of hardness.

Until their finish, the tools are worked on seven times: cutting out, sharpening by hammering, soldering, welding, grinding, polishing and mounting the handles. A traditional turner makes the handles of ash, beech or lime-tree.

Copper gardening tools are suitable for the daily work in cultivated hortisols. Copper is an elastic material and will also not break under rough use. Bendings can be hammered without any problem.

The high-grade tools are produced and sold by all participants with the consciousness that they contribute to an improvement of the soil quality in a naturally right way. In the knowledge of this, the user can take these tools in his garden for many years.



A natural soil is magnetically charged because of the bipolarity of the Earth and atmosphere. This charge in the soil is the precondition of all natural metabolic processes. It is responsible that water and nutrients are exchanged with the atmosphere and transported to the plants regularly. Therefore, a charged soil supplies itself permanently with nutrients – right without the artificial addition of fertilizer.

Copper Gardening Tools charge the soil during the cultivation. They support the water and nutrient household in a completely natural way. That is right in contrast to iron. Iron is magnetic and discharges the soil. Thus, the available water sinks down to deeper stratums. The soil dehydrates and cannot provide the plants with sufficient nutrients. Crop declines are the result.

Additionally: All Copper Gardening Tools, no matter if they are made of iron or copper, leave small metallic particles in the soil through the mechanic abrasion during cultivation. Copper particles contribute as an important mineral element to a healthy and strong vegetation.

Iron particles, however, leave a very pestiferous rusty strip which discharges and dehydrates the soil permanently.

The negative effects of iron tools are well-known: Every year, more artificial fertilizer is used in order to enrich the soil. The artificially treated plants are less resistant against diseases and pests and are sprayed with poison for the disadvantage of man and nature.

The positive effects of copper on the plants, however, have been proven by scientists worldwide.


Viktor Schauberger realised the meaning of copper

Viktor Schauberger realised the meaning of copper through his observations of nature and intuition. In several field tests, he was able to give proof that copper in the soil promotes growth and health of the plants.

This thesis had been less regarded during Schauberger’s days. The enthusiasm for the at that time up-coming chemical fertilizers and plant sprays was too great.

In the meantime, scientists have been able to confirm the meaning of copper worldwide. These results are extensively documented in the specialist book of the German Copper Institute “Kupfer in der Landwirtschaft” (Copper in agriculture, 1st edition 1988, ISBN 3-921505-062).

The authors find the final result that copper is absolutely necessary for a normal, healthy growth and the reproduction of all evolved plants and animals. A copper deficiency causes crop declines by nearly 20%. Furthermore, it has been proven that a sufficient copper supply improves the reproductive ability as well as the resistance against diseases at almost all plant species.

Until today, the copper content in the soil has been enriched by plant sprays. An improper performance can lead to an overfertilization which is harmful for the plants.

With the new copper gardening tools, however, only very small quantities of copper enter the soil through the fine abrasion during the cultivation, and this in a really simple way.


New Technology

In spring/summer 2003, every nature lover saw with regret the dying out of many honey-bee colonies or was informed about it by the media.

Also Kupfer Anton has taken a close look at this subject and has come during his examinations across that Viktor Schauberger offers valuable advice to this subject. So according to his knowledge, we can breed healthy and resistant honey-bee colonies for man and nature.

Perhaps you are now surprised by reading this. You are right when you say that Viktor Schauberger did not take any close look at bees at all. Schauberger however did take a very intensive look at the elemental form of life, which according to his opinion is the egg or rather the 0-form.

The oval form is significant for the reproduction of all life.

Let us take a look at the nature and man who is namely involved in the nature, if the message of Viktor Schauberger is right. You can find out within a very short time that the oval form has predominant validity in all sectors that are connected directly and indirectly to the generation of life and the preservation of life. All organs of man for instance that generate, develop and preserve life show the oval form. The fauna and flora show the same examples. All things that live, all things that move, all things that turn out to be have directly and indirectly something to do with the oval form.

The nature develops natural oval forms.

Almost the complete natural design on the Earth shows the oval form or is closely connected to this. The nature does not show any rectangular forms. The nature also does not show any straight lines. All things have lifely and circular forms.

People have forced the bees to grow up in a completely unnatural environment.

The reader who is able to understand the abovementioned points has already detected the relation to the subject bees. The breeding of bees in its current rectangular form is absolutely unnatural.

Our ancestry used with their baskets the oval form and therewith kept the bees in a near-natural form and environment. The problem was the taking out of the combs for the extraction of the honey.

But the current technical possibilities allow us to produce bee hives in the oval form, from which the honey can be extracted without any problems. It only requires a process of changes in view. And this is the point, when the words of Viktor Schauberger become valid again: “we turn = think wrong”. In the ways of thinking and feeling, we have to get used to the natural, lifely, life-spending and life-affirmative oval form. Than we ourselves can finally stop the angular and limited way of thinking.

Angular living places do not breath and live.

When we take a deep look at the subject angular form and oval form, we can detect the enormous difference. The angular form is limited, has little space, has always a dark corner that settles under dirt and vermin. Additionally, the inner air circulation is very bad because the corners do not air thoroughly.

Take a seat for instance with a lot of people in a closed and angular room. No windows, the walls as sealed as possible. Only a small door is open where people can enter and leave the room. This room can weather breath nor live. The same applies for the bees.

Then take these people for example into an oval formed room and feel the air in it. After a short while, you can probably feel and experience the difference. This room offers atmosphere. Here, the air and the energies of life can flow in a much freer and easier way. There are no corners under vermin and dirt.

In order to create and develop such different ways of thinking and looking at things in our minds, we simply need some time to experiment with pleasure and willingness.

We currently develop concepts for oval formed bee hives and we will keep you informed about it on our internet pages. If you are interested in direct experience exchanges or rather teamwork or only in more detailed information, please do not hesitate to contact us.